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You are welcome on the Tactical Media Crew's website, we are a collective of media and political activist from the radical autonomous scene of Rome. The biggest part of this site is in italian language, but in this table you can have an idea of the contents of the site and the links to the english pages - if there are any - or the links, when possible, to other Internet similar resources.
Please feedback us your suggestions about our work - we really appreciate your comments.

We also host a lot of other interesting materials and in the next weeks we hope to realize others descriptions of these sites...

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Our Project
Tactical Media Crew was born to introduct in the Internet many social realities, starting from what is usually called the radical-Autonomous Movement. We would like also to transform the communication/information in the movement in Italy.

It is a project that we'd like people thinking it theirs.
We are for now concentrating our attention on what is nearer to us: Social Centers, Pirate-Comunity radios, radical syndacalism, femminist movements and many other who will and are deciding to join this project.
The realization of this would give us the possibility to communicate and exchange worldwide a a very smart way.

Tactical Media Crew with its site is making possible visibility and mostly is making (us) these subjects reacheable from many parts of the world. This achievement means distribution and research of information for a whole world, all done with the heart and the logic of our squatts, infoshops, radios, places and political organizations of which we are in different ways part of, or supporters, but being also fully aware of the limits. Fotocopying was a great invention, to copy and reproduce, but it doesn't autodistribute itself - actually our human net covers only this city for distribution and it is very slow.

As individuals we think evident the spirit that is guiding us, not the greed for information but the research of sense. Sense, answers, understanding. All this could mean "which alternatives are possible" but mainly, in the state we are now of revealed insatisfaction and latent anger, it means to understand wich tactics we need to use to transform ourselves from improductive to productive, terms that many of us may not like, but very indicative nowadays, where productive equals to changes-realization.

Realizing from now means at least to conduct battles with the same weapons of the enemy: we are finding always more and more fragile parts of the modern capitalism or at least we are finding out its fragile structures...if really capitalist main forces are "information", this could mean that its fragility is "information".