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Integralisti cattolici, aborto e killer negli USA

Continuano negli USA le intollerabili azioni terroriste dei fondamentalisti antiaboristi

Nell'ultimo numero di ANTIFA info bullettin viene dato molto risalto alla notizia del 24.10.98 dove a New York e' stato ucciso un medico che praticava aborti in ospedale.

Non e' la prima volta che gli estremisti della destra cristiana USA arrivano all'omicidio. Sono diversi gli omicidi, i ferimenti e gli attentati anche con esplosivi contro delle cliniche ginecologihe, medici ed anche bar-gay.

L'intromissione nei diritti di scelta sulla maternita' e sulla autodeterminazione delle donne e' arrivata a livelli, qui in Italia, attualmente impensabili. Questi integralisti cattolici, che non hanno nulla da invidiare ai loro pari islamici, picchettano le cliniche, minacciano medici e donne e cercano cosi' di creare un clima di terrore che renda impossibile abortire, o meglio un clima che costringa le donne ad abortire in casa clandestinamente rischiando ogni volta di morire.

In fondo alla cronaca del fatto, che ha avuto molto clamore negli USA, c'e' un commento dei redattori di AFIB che da tempo si occupano ed indagano sulla destra cristiana estremista e sulle sue appendici terroriste come l'Esercito di Dio e le milizie. Va ricordato che questa estesa galassia della destra integralista ha forti alleanze e protagonismo in alti livelli della scena politica americana. Basta ricordare che Pat Robertson della Christian Coalition era candidato allla Presidenza, e poi ha corso per la vicepresidenza USA... avremmo avuto nella stanza dei bottoni, a capo di una superpotenza nucleare come gli USA un uomo che crede che tra qualche giorno arrivera' l'armageddon... il giudizio di dio. Un rischio tremendo.

segue notizia e nota di AFIB:

     By Carolyn Thompson, Associated Press, 10/24/98 23:33
     AMHERST, N.Y. (AP) - A sniper killed a doctor who performs
abortions, firing through the physician's kitchen window - the
first fatality among five sniper attacks on upstate New York or
Canadian abortion providers in the last four years.
     Dr. Barnett Slepian, 51, was gunned down Friday night, just
days after authorities warned abortion providers in the region
about possible violence because the four earlier attacks happened
within a few weeks of Nov. 11, Veterans Day.
     ``There's some type of connection on the date. We don't know
what it is,'' Inspector David Bowen of the Hamilton-Wentworth
(Ont.) police said Saturday.
     Bowen is part of a Canadian-American task force that has
investigated the shootings since November 1997. Task force
spokesman Keith McCaskill said there had been no communication
from the alleged shooter or shooters following any of the
     Slepian's wife told police the shooting happened minutes
after the couple returned home from synagogue. The Slepians' four
sons, ages 7 to 15, also were home at the time.
     Before Slepian, three Canadian doctors and a doctor near
Rochester, N.Y., were shot and wounded since 1994. In each case,
the doctors were fired upon with a high-powered rifle through
windows in their homes. Canadian and American authorities issued
safety tips to doctors on Tuesday.
     ``They were told to stay away from windows that weren't
covered with curtains or blinds and to be aware of their
surroundings and anything suspicious at their clinics,'' said
Frank Olesko, Amherst's assistant police chief.
     Slepian's killer shot through a window with raised blinds
from behind a back yard fence. A helicopter search was fruitless.
The gunman remained at large Saturday.
     On a list of doctors who perform abortions, clinic workers
and others compiled posted on a Web site, Slepian's name had a
line through it. The list names abortion providers it says are
working, wounded or have been killed.
     The Web site, which has rantings against homosexuality and
the government, includes photos of aborted fetuses and has links
to the Army of God. Letters signed by the shadowy Army of God
claimed responsibility for the 1997 bombings of a gay bar in
Atlanta and an abortion clinic, and the this year's fatal
Birmingham abortion clinic bombing.
     FBI officials in Buffalo and Amherst police declined to
comment when asked about the Website.
     Abortion supporters and foes alike condemned the attack.
     ``For anyone to take it upon himself to be judge, jury and
executioner is nothing but sheer evil,'' said Karen Swallow
Prior, formerly of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue and
now the Right-to-Life Party candidate for lieutenant governor.
     Gov. George Pataki said the killer should face the death
     ``It's beyond a tragedy - It's really an act of terrorism
and, in my mind, a cold-blooded assassination,'' Pataki said in
     Slepian had been the target of anti-abortion protesters
since the 1980s. Activists claimed a victory when Slepian
temporarily closed his Amherst office in 1992 during a protest by
Operation Rescue in the Buffalo area.
     Slepian closed the office to avoid inconveniencing other
doctors in his building, he said at the time, promising to
continue performing abortions at a clinic in Buffalo.
     ``He was one of the few physicians in this area with the
integrity to stand up for what he believed in,'' said Marilynn
Buckham of GYN Womenservices, a Buffalo clinic. ``Those who
picket the doctors and clinics - the anti-choice extremists -
contribute to this environment of hate and hostility.''
     Slepian had promised not to let frequent confrontations with
protesters deter him.
     ``He said, `They're not going to scare me. They're not going
to threaten me,''' said Harvey Rogers, a lawyer who represented
Slepian after the doctor faced charges following a 1988 clash
with protesters in front of his home.
     In that case, protesters taunted Slepian, calling him
``murderer,'' during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, as his
family opened gifts.
     One of the protesters claimed the doctor attacked him with a
baseball bat. A misdemeanor assault charge against Slepian was
settled in March 1989. The doctor paid about $400 for repairs to
a van and for part of the man's medical bills.
     President Clinton said Saturday that he is ``outraged'' by
Slepian's slaying and that the Justice Department is working with
local authorities to track down his killer.
     ``The nation cannot tolerate violence directed at those
providing a constitutionally protected medical service,'' Clinton
said in a statement. ``No matter where we stand on the issue of
abortion, all Americans must stand together in condemning this
tragic and brutal act.''
     The FBI, federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms,
Erie County Sheriffs, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and New York
State Police were investigating.
     About 150 people attended a candlelight vigil held by the
National Abortion Federation, an association of abortion
providers, on Saturday night in Buffalo.
     ``We staged this vigil for the community who wanted to come
together and show solidarity in remembering Dr. Slepian - to talk
about what it means to the community,'' said Susan Dudley, the
NAF's deputy director.
     She said her group would be in Buffalo for the next couple
of days working with the clinic and with law enforcement
officials on ``security issues'' and make sure they are serious
about apprehending the gunman.
     ``We want an all out endeavor to catch this guy. We want
insurances that is going to be the highest priority,'' she said.
     In Amherst, neighbors lamented the loss of a friendly guy
who always built elaborate Halloween displays.
     ``He said, `I'm very busy this weekend,''' Suby Shastry said
of Slepian's plans to set up fake tombstones, eerie light
displays and spooky sound effects.
     ``This is sad,'' Shastry said. ``To kill someone to prove a
point. He has a family, too. Killing someone doesn't solve a
     Copyright 1998 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.
     AFIB EDITOR'S NOTE: The following article comes from the web
page alluded to in the AP story above. It is nothing less than a
rationalization for the assassination of abortion providers and
the bombing of women's clinics. It was authored by clerical-
fascist Neal Horsley, the current chair of the Creator's Rights
Party, an ultra-rightist outfit allied with remnants of the
direct action anti-abortion movement. Written shortly after the
January 1998 bombing of a Birmingham, Alabama women's clinic that
resulted in the death of a security guard and the wounding of a
nurse, Horsley outlines a strategy of terror he claims is
"justified" by Biblical "law." By 1993, in the wake of the
assassination of Dr. David Gunn in Pensacola, Florida, the direct
action anti-abortion movement fractured over the question of
armed action against abortion providers. Termed "defensive
action" by Rev. Paul Hill (a convicted assassin who brutally
murdered a doctor and his security guard in 1994), clerical-
fascists believe that a sustained campaign of psychological and
guerrilla warfare across North America will ultimately compel the
state to severely restrict women's reproductive freedom. Unlike
racial nationalists (nazis) who advocate the creation of an
"Aryan" state akin to Hitler's Third Reich, clerical-fascists
work towards the institution of a repressive theocracy where only
"Bible-believing Christians" have any political or civil rights.
While Horsley skirts the issue of alleged Atlanta and Birmingham
bomber Eric Rudolph's affiliation with the racist Christian
Identity movement (Rudolph was a supporter of the Northpoint
Tactical Teams, a neo-fascist North Carolina-based militia) it
should be abundantly clear that among the militants, the question
of women's reproductive autonomy is linked to the question of
political power: which class rules? While "mainstream" feminists
and liberals lobby a repressive state for "protection" from
clerical-fascist terror, they all but ignore wider and more
serious threats to women's rights. Current attacks against
abortion and reproductive rights -- from restrictive waiting
periods to moves towards the incremental outlawing of abortion
altogether -- are being implemented systematically not by
"extremists" but by all factions of a "democratic" capitalist
state guided solely by the imperiatives of profit and power.
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