aprile 2003

The Establishment of a Children’s Afternoon Care Center in the City Jenin

To provide a safe, educational, and recreational place for children during their free afternoon hours, enabling parents, especially mothers, to work while knowing that their children are being taken care of.


a- To provide a safe place for the children of at least 50 families in
Ramallah where they can do their homework and play in a safe
entertaining environment.
b- Helping at least 50 working women go on with their work feeling
relaxed that their children are being taken care of.
c- Easing tension on working women by taking the responsibility of
tutoring their children and thus giving them more free time to
participate in different activities.
d- Providing the opportunity to women who have a problem finding a
for their children to stay at after-school to continue with their jobs
or start new ones.
e- Upgrading school performance of at least 100 children by helping
in their homework on daily basis and constantly following them up.
f- Helping in decreasing the level of anxiety Palestinian children are
going through by sublimating their energy in useful educational and
recreational games.
g- Providing children with a safe place to play with their peers
of staying alone at home or unattended in the dangerous streets.
h- Helping parents keep their children away from life-pressures adults
are experiencing due to the bad political and economic situation in the
i- Creating at least seven new jobs for women in Ramallah area (workers
at the center).


a. At least 100 children ages between 6 and 10 from Ramallah and its
b. At least 50 families in Ramallah and its surroundings.
c. At least seven employees at the center on full time basis

Project description:

A place is to be rented in Ramallah, a city located in the center of
West Bank. It is to be adequately furnished. Children sanitary units
will be added to the place. A general supervisor is to be appointed
according to a certain set criteria who will be responsible for all
preparations. The Union’s Board will constantly follow her up and help
out in what is needed.

After all needed rehabilitation is achieved, the center will be
furnished and equipped with all necessities.

The Center will be working permanently for six days a week, as a care
center during school days and as a children’s club during the summer

A set-up stage is needed of about two months in order to make all
necessary preparations.

Its sustainability is ensured by many factors among which are:
a- The need of such a center since there is no such facility in
b- A monthly fee is to be collected from each child which should be
sufficient to cover all costs in the future.

Implementation Stages:

Stage one: - Setup stage (eight weeks)- Employment of a main
Renting and furnishing a center- Promotion- Signing up names.
Stage two: - Employing 6-7 workers.- Opening the center and providing
the services.

Throughout the whole project duration and after the center is
established, women will be able to conduct social and other events or
activities at the center. It is to become a development center for all
interested women in the city of Ramallah and surrounding villages. The
center will constantly seek to expand its services to include more
activities and beneficiaries, and conduct income-generating activities
that will contribute to its sustainability. Also, granting the Union
with the salaries and other costs for the first year will definitely
enhance its economical situation and thus, significantly add up to its
sustainability dynamics.