This is an update on the long-running trial of a group of anarchists in Italy.

Translated for A-Infos by on behalf of: The A-Infos translators’ collective Originally received from: Tactical Media Crew , as “(it) Aggiornamenti processo ROS/Marini contro gli anarchici”. Sorry for any fuck-ups.

Now that the most interesting phase of arguments, or rather, the feeble testimony of both the "repentent" Namsetchi woman and the "repentent" Sforza family is now over, the trial has entered a weary phase of technical testimonies made by convicts and police officers.

It should also be said that the hearings have lost their weekly rhythm because the same Court of Assizes and the same courtroom are also in use for the holding of the trial for the murder of Marta Russo, which has far more media coverage and so is being pushed through faster.

At this stage, what's being analysed is the episode of the so-called "Prenestino Car-bomb", which exploded in 1989 killing comrade Luigi De Blasi. For this episode there have been many police investigations and technical evaluations made in order to determine the quality, quantity and destructive potential of the explosive used, and also the motives and identities of those involved in the deed. Thus many hearings have been taken up by listening to PM techical consultants who have come to report on the proven operations. Both top forensic scientists and professors from the university came to testify on the investigation into who the man devastated by the car-bomb was (for the prosecution, the assassin De Blasi). The prosecution's final theory was that this car-bomb must have been a reprisal to avenge several [?]kidnappers killed by police on the [?]hard shoulder a few days previously in Rome. So, according to the prosecution, this was the motive and, again according to the PM, De Blasi must have carried out this attack. Moreover, the professors specifically referred to their certainty regarding the report as regards the identity of the bomber.

So, we're at a time of minimal interest as regards these proceedings. The next hearing is set for the 7th and 8th of July, practically a month and a half away from the last one. So there's an interest in spinning out this trial, in making sure it goes by unobserved, and in dampening the atmosphere of confict that developed in the first few hearings.

One last bit of news is that Lovecchio, who arrived in Rome a few weeks ago after being extradicted from the Netherlands, found herself jailed in Rebibbia and has in the last few days had herself put under house arrest.

The trial has been adjourned until the 7th of July. As usual, all are invited to the hearings, which are public and are held in the "aula bunker" of the Foro Italico in Via dei Gladiatori in Rome. We're all waiting for the day one of the people called to testify is lieutenent colonel Malimpietri of the ROS of the Carabinieri, the signatory of the famous ROS letter of information that planned the repressive solution with as much repentence as he has expressed in the organization of this trial/fit-up.

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