Support action to the anarchists arrested on september 17

It's the power who restrains!

The democratic system, as a system of domination, raises itself as the unique regulator of the social ties using any mean (press, television, jails...) to strike with infamy and segregation any concrete expression of dissent.

We denounce the last provocation held by the roman magistracy and by the police (carabinieri) against several anarchists many of which are since weeks imprisoned in the Rebbibbia Jail (Rome).

Good and bad Anarchists don't exist, in different ways we aspire the destruction of any form of power as a presupposition of the project of social emancipation.

We as anarchists refuse the principal of gerarchy tool of oppression needed by any authority to mantain it's position of privilege.


Saturday 26 October 1996 since 4.00 pm
public meeting

in the evening "Hostaria romana"

LAURENTINOKKUPATO via giuliotti (6th bridge)
bus 776 from Metro line B stop Eur Fermi
Rome - Italy
The anarchist meeting of Via dei Piceni 39


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