Police Confiscate Texts And Make Two Arrests In Conjuction With Radikal

It seems the German police are continuing their wave of repression against the (banned) autonomist periodical "Radikal". In an effort to halt the production and distribution of the "Spring Edition" of Radikal, federal agents arrested two men from Berlin in the city of Munster on Saturday, March 22 and confiscated 680 copies of "radikal - Dokumentation kriminalisierter Texte" (Radikal - Documentation Of Criminialized Texts). That same evening, cops raided the mens' homes in Berlin, as well as the Kreuzberg office of the Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS). The PDS had donated office space to autonomous-leftists for an Anti-Repression Office. Dozens of individuals and organizations in Germany, including the IG Medien journalists' and printers' union, have signed on as "editors" of the paper to protest the German government's attempt to censor the (radical-)left by declaring Radikal's editorial board a "criminal organization" under Penal Code 129/129a. Both of the men arrested in Munster have since been released on bail.

The trial against several individuals charged in 1995 in connection with Radikal should start in Coblenz in early summer 1997.

Stay Radikal!
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Arm The Spirit - March 25, 1997

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